Mini Professors St Albans


Mini Professors classes are approximately 40 mins long and follow a set format so the children know what to expect each week.  

A typical session includes singing our Mini Professors Songs, a discussion about today's topic, not just one but TWO fantastic experiments, a short video (related to the scientific topic) and a story. 

Our Mini Professors get to wear their own lab coats and are encouraged, along with their grownups, to join in (and maybe get messy!) throughout the session and most importantly have fun!

Mini Professors @home - sessions will still follow the same format described above, you will be doing the experiments in your home and will be provided with a list of kit required for each topic a week prior to your session.  Professor Tash will always try to provide alternative suggestions if you cannot get something on the list so don't worry about anything!

To enhance the experience for your Mini Professor why not make a home made lab coat from an old white T-shirt or shirt!  Professor Tash will also provide you with a scanned copy of the Research Log book (that is loved by so many to collect their stickers) so they can colour a sticker in at the end of the @home session and therefore still collect them each week!