Primary School programmes

Mini Professors for Primary Schools’ is a science programme that has been designed specifically for early years and Key Stage 1 children

A completely unique experience to offer your school children, Mini Professors gives you and the children a chance to experience real science in a safe environment.

You may not have the resources or the time to prepare a science workshop for your students and this is where we come in. Simply choose from our 9 lesson plans that have been created to cover all aspects of the curriculum, and get in touch with one of our experienced and fully equipped professors to book a science day the children won't forget.

We feel that all children have a great thirst for learning from a young age and therefore, should be given every opportunity to develop and learn new skills and wonder at the world around them.

The benefits of Mini Professors for the children in your school:

⭐ Life skills - We actively encourage turn taking, socialising, sharing and answering questions.

⭐ Each Mini Professors session lasts 1 hour and follows a set format so the children know what to expect next.

⭐ Giving the children an opportunity to get involved in hands on experiments.

⭐ Workshops designed to meet STEAM requirements.

Topics we cover

We have selected a range of topics that are both interesting, challenging and have associated hands-on and demonstration experiments. Each sessions lasts 1 hour.

The topics available for early years and  KS1 include:

  • Chemical reactions
  • Dinosaurs
  • Our solar system
  • Digestion
  • Flowers
  • Materials
  • Polar regions
  • Seasons
  • Spiders and butterflies

"We love Mini Professors there is always something we learn as well. We actually look forward to the visits as much as the children."

Our Mini Professors Programmes are delivered by expertly trained class leaders across the country. We would love to come and have a chat with you and answer any question you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can take part in your scientific journey.