Mini Professors Durham


A few points to note for our physical classes for our Autumn term:

Class numbers at our venues have been reduced to allow all families to sit a minimum of 2m away from each other. To limit the number of people in the venue during the class, please keep to one adult per child booked. If bringing younger siblings, where possible, they should be kept in a sling and with you at all times.

Masks will need to be worn by all adults (unless you are exempt) upon entering the venue until you are seated in your area, and during any periods of movement around the venue. 

Whilst adults need to maintain a safe distance away from each other as much as possible, it is unrealistic to expect toddlers and young children to socially distance from each other at all times. Please do your best to encourage your child to keep a safe distance away, but be aware there is a chance that there is a chance that other children may come in close contact with you and/or your child.

For those who have been to a Mini Professors class before, there have been a few changes. On arrival, you'll need to wash/sanitise your hands before being shown to your designated area where you'll be seated for the duration of the class. We'll have a little activity for your child while waiting for the class to start. Each child will have a tray containing all of the equipment needed for that class, all cleaned and sanitised prior to the lesson.

Every class starts with our Mini Professors 'Welcome Song', followed by an introduction to the day's topic. Then it's time for our first experiment, where we encourage all our Mini Professors and their grownups to join in with their own set of equipment (and maybe get messy!). Next we have a short video related to the scientific topic, then a story followed by another fantastic science experiment. At the end of the lesson we summarise what we've learnt and end with the Mini Professors 'Goodbye Song'.

Each Mini Professors session lasts 40-45 minutes and follows a set format so the children know what to expect next. All the activities are concise and interactive, catering for the many different learning styles and keeping the little ones’ attention.