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 Are you looking for a quality class that can help deliver them confidently and happily into school?  ⭐️Why choose Mini Professors?  

⭐️ Sister programme to Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Reading fairy and part of the Wow World Group, our nationwide franchise is a founder member of the Children’s Activities Assoc.,you know you are in safe hands and it’s a quality programme

⭐️ Science is all around us in everything we see and do. We help to open children’s eyes to the world around them and help their understanding of their place within it. Exposing kids to simple STEM activities at an early age sets a foundation for higher learning tomorrow. 

At Mini Professors we aim to inspire and encourage young children from preschool age to actively participate in a fun way

STEM for kids develops creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors.

⭐️ Expertly written by scientists, we support and meet EYFS and Key Stage One objectives in multiple areas of child development 

⭐️ We use science as our platform to introduce new language, new resources, new equipment and new materials that would not be used by other children’s activities. As with any new language, children have an amazing capacity to learn given the time to settle in and learn general routine.

⭐️ Everything we do is to promote further understanding and knowledge, skills and confidence to help your child be ready for school. This includes helping them to learn skills such as general class routine, getting un/dressed (using our mini lab coats), name recognition (finding your professor name badge), listening to instruction, asking questions and calling out answers, sharing, taking turns, working individually or in teams, enjoying story time and the language development that is associated with this, using a range of play and science equipment in a safe and nurturing environment which helps develop all sorts of physical and mental skills, introduction of early maths, problem solving and critical thinking… this list goes on and on

⭐️ Science is the future. We have over 72 different topics to choose from and all lesson plans are specifically designed for preschoolers to be able to join in interactively. This means they are safe, no hazardous materials are used, but the children get every opportunity to be hands on to do their own experiments and that’s how we learn best, when we can get stuck in and have a go!
There is no better feeling and a brilliant sense of achievement when your experiments go well.


⭐️ Taster sessions are available for new professors and it’s a great opportunity for the grown ups to support their child and observe their learning style. You may learn something new too ( there is always a fun fact to pick up)

⭐️ Our 45 minute classes are fast paced, hands on, exciting and interesting for preschoolers and will provide them with a great stepping stone into school. 

⭐️We also host nursery sessions, local community groups, schools and parties.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.


Thursday-Rainford WA11

Fridays-  Rainhill, L35

Weekly Pre-school Classes 

Our 45 minute themed sessions make science fun and enjoyable for pre-school children. 


Each session has 2 hands-on safe experiments, story time and a short bespoke video about the topic of the day. It is lots of fun and everyone can learn something new. 



The children love to wear their mini lab coats and get involved in the experiments. It is a great opportunity to prepare them with the skills they need for school, but with parent support on hand too. 

Still unsure? Try a preschool TASTER - 3 fantastic classes £15.00

Click on your chosen class and use the drop down menu to select TASTER when booking. Keep up to date on or Insta @miniprofessorswestlancs


Babies can come along with their older siblings too, but a pram, sling or carrier recommended so that you can help your professor if need.