Mini Professors Chichester



Chichester 3 Week Trial!

We are passionate about science and we aim to inspire a new generation to be curious through our interactive classes for children aged 2 - 7 years. Book your 3 Week Trial today!

Venue: WOW Centre Chichester Farm Lane, Nutbourne, PO18 8SD

Day: 30/09/2021

Times: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays!

Tutor: WOW Centre Chichester

Free Taster @ Chichester

Join us next week for a FREE Taster Session Do you have a child who loves tiny creatures and hunting for bugs in the garden? Join us next week at Mini Professors to learn all about these amazing creatures!

Venue: WOW Centre Chichester Farm Lane Nutbourne PO18 8SD

Day: 02/10/2021

Times: Tuesday 28th September 9.30am Friday 1st October 4.30pm Saturday 2nd October 9.00am

Tutor: WOW Centre Chichester