Mini Professors Warrington


Professor Amy runs Mini Professors in Warrington and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a fun, exciting but educational activity then give Mini Professors a try. Each week we follow the same format including a song, a story and two experiments ensuring we cater for every type of learning style and that all the children stay interested and engaged. Your own Professor can choose to wear a lab coat if they wish!

At Mini Professors we don’t shy away from teaching children the real scientific language and you will be amazed at what your children will learn. After one session my own 2-year-old son was telling me all about the water pressure of our hose pipe and this was a week after we’d had the class.

Our summer term topics includes deserts, the rainforest and in the moon (in collaboration with the UK space Agency)

Classes will run over the summer holidays and will be available PAYG with first refusal  being offered to those already attending weekly sessions. These topics include electricity, volcanoes and more magnets.

Being part of the ‘Wow group’ you can expect the same high standard of resources, equipment and activities you may have already experienced through their other award-winning programmes, Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense. 

Some recent reviews on facebook and hoop state- 

“The sessions are varied, pacey and interactive- a good balance of practical and sitting down.

“My three year old is absorbing absolutely everything

“Mini Professors is excellent. Amy makes science for toddlers interesting and accessible,”

“The experiments and activities were fun and interactive and my little one loved getting involved in such a hands on way. Excellent class!


 As well as weekly classes, we also offer a once a month Saturday session.

I am also available for nursery/pre-school visits, home education groups and parties (3-7 year olds.)