How To make a Water Gauge...

Did you know... The UK isn't the rainiest place on Earth! Although it may feel like it, it is actually Columbia. with 3240mm per year. To measure rainfall you use a water gauge, measuring using mm or cm. Why don't you have a go at making your own and seeing how rainy the Summer holidays are where you live.

To make a Water Gauge....
For this you will need
- A large plastic bottle
- Some scissors
- Some tape
- A ruler

1. Cut your bottle in half, make sure it's empty first!
2. Turn the top half upside down and pop back into the bottom half
3. Fix it into place with some tape
4. Fix your ruler into place on the outside. We used our very own Mini Professors ruler, can you design your own?
5. Send us a photo on Facebook once you've placed it outside.
6. Read another fun fact below while you're waiting for the rain to fall.

Did you know... It also rains on other planets, but not in the way we know here on Earth. Scientists believe it rains diamonds, rubies, sapphires and hot sulfuric acid across out Solar System. Think about that next time you go out without an umbrella.


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