Make a tin foil boat.

This tin foil boat experiment has huge benefits to your toddler;

- Measurements of weight and introduces the vocabulary bigger than, biggest, heavier than, heaviest, lightest, lighter than.

- Encourages them to use their fingers and build up fine motor skills when folding up the side of the boat

- Introduces numbers to toddlers and prediction making to preschoolers and beyond.

Children use units of measurement everyday without even realising. When comparing taller or shorter friends and who has the biggest piece of chocolate.

To make you boat
- Cut a square of tin foil around 12cm x 12cm
- Fold up the side so that it can hold some pennies
- Place into a tray of water and add your pennies until it sinks.
- Who has the most pennies? Do different coins have a different effect? What about where you place your coins?

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