Create a Beach Nature Table

The beach is an incredible sensory experience but sometimes you just don't have the time to discuss or experience everything, and how many have you have brought items homes only to forget about them in the beach bag until the next time?

Nature tables offer you and your child the opportunity to bring the nature home. Create a set up that encourages exploration, discussion and investigation for pre school children right through to key stage 2.

If you have any science equipment, place these in the space too, you can add a magnifying glass, scissors and even a microscope if you have one. Older children can be encouraged to write the names of the items you have brought home. Younger children can group items or take them out and create patterns or how about repeating patterns to get a head start in maths!

Don't stop at a beach table, once you have your corner set up why not turn it into a seasonal nature table or even a monthly nature table?

*Please note, it is illegal to remove stones from certain beaches in the UK. Please make sure you check first

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