Mini Professors Milton Keynes


What do we do?

Welcome to Mini Professors, the first interactive science program that has been designed specifically for children for 2 and a half to 7 years.  All activities and experiments are safe and designed with young children in mind.  

Science is the future and children make the best scientists as they are naturally curious and ask questions about everything! Let me help to support their natural curiosity and develop skills and knowledge whilst having lots of fun!   


We run classes on Mondays in Moulsoe with further classes coming soon! 


Weekly Pre-school Classes;


Our 45 minute themed sessions make science fun and enjoyable for pre-school children. With 72 different topics spanning 2 years, your child will learn something new each week ranging from; our planet to bubbles, making clouds to the all time favourites such as dinosaurs and space.


Each session has 2 hands-on safe experiments or activities, there is a story and a 2 minute bespoke video about the topic of the day. It is lots of fun and there is normally an 'I didn't know that!' moment for the parents too. There is nothing like enjoying that 'wow' moment together when your experiment works.


The children love to get involved in the experiments and it is a great opportunity to really prepare them for school. We have songs, stories, games, creative activities, messy play and ideas to try at home.


Our class is a learning and development programme which will help your mini professors gain valuable skills such as listening, concentrating, answering questions, having fun, making friends, getting involved, gaining confidence, working alone/ together or in teams, language development, gross and fine motor skills, taking turns, sharing, using equipment and tools etc.

Topics cover Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and will open your child's eyes to the wonderous world of science that is all around us. We encourage the grown ups to join in too and give tips and ideas on how to carry on the learning experience at home with their children.

At Mini Professors we are passionate about science and we aim to inspire a generation.


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