Make a Kite

Making one of these kites requires patience and may seem a little fiddly, both of these things are great to help your child prepare for school and beyond.

Patience is a one of the most important social skills. Whilst learning this skill they are also learning to take time to look look at problems and thinking critically.

When children are trying to work on the small parts of the kite, they are also working on building up the muscles in their fingers. These muscles are crucial for being able to hold a pen and writing.

To make your very own Mini Professors kite, perfect for flying in your garden take a look at the instructions below.

- Print off the Mini Professors kite template here

Printable Kite Template

 - Place your chopsticks/straws/wooden dowels across your kite and attach with tape right at the ends
- Wrap some string around another stick and connect this to your kite exactly where your dowels meet
- Create a tail. You can be as creative as you like with ribbons, of you can keep it simple with folded paper like we have
- Fly your kite!

Did you know the windiest place on planet Earth is a place in Antarctica called Commonwealth Bay, with speeds of up to 150mph on a regular basis. We probably shouldn't fly a kite there.

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