Left or Right Dominant?

Did you know the brain is divided into two halves or cerebral hemispheres? However, both sides (hemispheres) of the brain communicate with each other through the a thick tract of nerve fibres.

Although the two hemispheres appear to be similar, each half has its own unique set of functions.

The right-brain hemisphere is dominant for emotions, creativity, music, and rhythm.

The left-brain hemisphere is dominant for mathematical and language abilities.

Although both sides of the brain have the ability to analyse, process and store information, form thoughts and ideas, and make decisions, one side of the brain may be more dominant than the other. Brain dominance affects learning, determines personality and influences behaviour.

Some studies suggest that genetic makeup, prenatal conditions and early life experiences determine which hemisphere will become the most dominant by 2 to 3 years of age.

Is this what makes you left or right handed too?

Originally scientists thought that the dominant side of your brain could determine your dominant hand, do you remember when people all said that eft handed people were more creative?  Well new studies show that it may all start even earlier; the 8th week of pregnancy, and it may all be determined by your spinal cord and not your brain at all.

Either way, happy Left handers day to all those lefties out there!

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