Professors around the world - Tracey in Leicester

Tracey from Mini Professors in Leicester tells us that you don't need to be a scientist to run Mini Professors, in fact her previous profession couldn't have been more different...

13 years ago, Tracey Hewitt from Mini Professors Leicester South was running a successful Baby Sensory franchise, the best parts of this being the babies and being part of a franchise community. "Having fellow colleagues to bounce ideas off and share problems with is the best part of belonging to a network"

But what did she do before that? "I owned a childrens day nursery and private school, oh and pre that I was a clown!"

Although she was very busy with Baby Sensory, she just couldn't resist Mini Professors, fell in love with it the first time she saw it in action and wanted to be a part of it.
Having run classes for so long in the Leicester south area, Tracey has been a part of many children's preschool and primary school lives. "I absolutely love working with children, and love to watch them explore and grow. I enjoy how they teach me new things every day."
Her favourite part of Mini Professors is the discovery and learning journey the children embark on with their parents and caregivers.
"I love mini professors as the children really enjoy discovering and learning without realising that’s what they're doing, and I can be hands on with them and be part of their discovery."
We find that children who attend Mini Professors become more confident in the world around them and around others. Perfect for those starting school in the coming years. 

Tracey has seen this effect firsthand "Parents often come to class telling me how they’ve used the things we have done or talked about in other parts of their lives and amazed the grownups around them with their understanding"

And it goes without saying that many parents learn new things while they are there too!  

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