3 Colourful Activities and Experiments

Fancy doing some colourful experiments or activities with your toddler? Here are our favourite 4 experiments that you can do at home that will help your toddler with colour recognition, colour sorting, prediction and pincer grip.

Ice on Colours

This experiment encourages your child to make predictions about the future as well as naming colours and learning about solids turning into liquids. Who doesn't love a bit of ice play. Watch our video here to discover which ice cube melted first...


Colour Bubble Painting

Did you know you can make art with your own coloured bubble solution?

To create our very own Mini Professors bubble mixture you need

A jug of warm water
2 tablespoons of sugar
A quarter of a jug of washing up liquid. Yellow is the best for bubbles
Food colouring of your choice

Mix the water and sugar gently together until dissolved. Add the washing up liquid slowly and a little at a time, careful not to make bubbles in the solution. You can add your colouring here or you can split the mixture into a variety of containers to make different colours.



Painting with Ice

More Ice play, we know! But toddlers and children absolutely love the idea of doing something that they do regularly but in a new way. Ever seen a child walking backwards on their daily walk, or watchng TV but upside down on the sofa?

This experiment will keep them cool and encourage them to be creative, important for social skills and friendships when they start school.

Fill each section of an ice-cube tray with water and a few drops of food coloring or even liquid water colour paints.

Cover the tray with a layer of tin foil, this will stop the stick falling over in the next step.

Insert a stick or a pencil through the foil and freeze them.

Wen you're ready to get colouring grab your ice along with the paper outside

As the ice melts, get painting with the melting, slippery, sliding cube.


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