Cloud in a Jar

This exciting experiment is highly visual which helps with eye tracking and concentration. These skills are very important for your child's next step in reading.

Strengthening those hands ready for learning to hold a pen and write whilst filling up your home made pipette is something they will all love, no matter the age.

This also works very well with older children, who can work on precise measurements and also estimation skills with the foam and the colouring.

Start by asking your children where rain comes from.. They may want to go and look at the clouds, looks for shapes in the sky or even draw clouds with chalk or cotton wool.

Explain to your child that different clouds do different things, they are not too young to understand this. Some rain and others simply float from West to East.

To create your Nimbus Cloud in a jar you will need:
➡A jar or glass
➡Shaving foam - white if possible and not gel
➡Coloured water, blue is great to represent rain and red makes it look like an ice cream 😉
➡Medicine syringe

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