Animals and their homes

As we spend more time outside children will be naturally drawn to anything living in their garden, at the beach or at the park. From Flowers to bees, the living world is something that they will happily explore on their own.

Why not help them along the way with our Animals and their homes printable activity which introduces the idea that animals not only have homes but also live in certain habitats

Printable Animals and their homes activity

Fancy extending their learning?
- Grab a globe, map of even a book with a variety of habitats in. Ask you child what they can see...Water, grass, sand, snow and ask where they would like to live
- Ask what types of animals would like to live there. A hands on way to do this would be to grab some of your small word toys or prints some out and place them on the map.

If you have an older child you can start discussing words such as Tundra, Desert and Ocean, trust us these are not too difficult for them to understand :)

Take it one step further and make an animal hotel in your garden from anything you have lying around. The perfect Summer project.

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