Sand Play

Sand play provides a therapeutic tool for expressing thoughts, feelings, and constructive language. As toddlers explore wet and dry sand, make structures, and transfer it from one container to another, they learn about stability, texture, and quality. Sand play also encourages social relationships with other children as they play alongside them.

Exploring the sand

Whilst exploring with the sand children will be understanding concepts such as weight, 

Making structures

Sand is an opportunity to be creative! Building castles may not be for everyone but creating shapes with equipment such as spades and as well as basic shapes with your fingers is highly enjoyable and will also benefit those fine motor skills needed later on.

Transfering sand

Moving the sand from one vessel to another is highly enjoyable for children, even more so as they get older is moving the sand from one area to another, also known as digging holes! Juts make sure they don't bury your keys...

Sand play with friends

Using sand in play  provides the opportunity for toddlers to imitate the actions of others, to rehearse future roles, to coordinate their feelings and ideas, and make sense of their experiences.


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