4 ways to get involved in British Science Week 2023

This is the week we celebrate everything about science, technology, engineering & maths.

The theme for this year is "connections" and here at Mini Professors we'd love for your children to feel more connected to science and the world around them.

But how can you get more involved if the weeks just fly by? Well, we have put together a short list of things you can do this year whether you attend classes or not and whether you have a 2 year old or an 8 year old and whether you are a teacher or a parent.

Let's get started

British Science week isn't just a chance for schools to give focus to Stem and STEAM events (woohoo) but also a chance for you to connect with your child outside the classroom and have fun while getting hands on together.

1. Take a look at our blog!

We have so many different ideas and simple experiments on our blog here that rather than us tell you what to do, you can go and take a look and see what experiment you think your child would like to do the most. It doesn't matter if they like exploring with water, going on walks or doing something on paper we have something for everyone. 

Remember, it's not always about the learning and the learning objective but rather inspiring a generation to get hands on and ask questions about the world around them. Once they are inspired the learning will come naturally.

2. Take a look at the British science week website Homepage - British Science Week

We could write this list and not send you over to the British science week website. Now lots of the content is written for education providers but our favourite part is the poster competition. If being artistic is you and your child's thing, than you should definitely head over and check out what the poster theme for this year is.

3. Get your school involved

If your child's school or nursery are keen to do something, then send them to website above. Not only are there free resources for them to use in the classroom, but lots of ideas for them to continue the learning bot at school and even at home.

4. Let us take care of it for you

We can take the pressure off both parents and teachers by providing whatever you need for British Science week with whatever budget you may have. We can do small workshops for as few or as many classes as you'd like, we can come and do an assembly for the whole school or if you're feeling like celebrating, we even do parties and events.


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