Fun Science Classes For Children - Mini Professors

Mini Professors is the award winning science programme, inspiring a new generation through our interactive classes in schools, nurseries, in parent and child classes and in your own home.

Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’, this reflects the ethos of the classes and encourages the children to think about and to explore the world around them. Children have a thirst for knowledge and can understand scientific principles explained in simple terms with fun experiments in which they can touch, see and hear to help them understand.

‘Science is very important. It’s undervalued and underinvested in and it’s a force for extreme good in education, in society and economically.’ Professor Brian Cox.

Why attend Mini Professors?

⭐ Learning scientific principles that they can apply to life and in educational settings

⭐ Preparation for school and support early years in education through turn taking, socialisation, sharing and asking questions

Time with peers to learning collectively

⭐ Fun and interactive science lessons

⭐ Set format for each class – useful for instilling routines for children pre and during school years

⭐ Chance for the grown-ups to learn and join in so that they can carry on the learning at home or in class

⭐ Introduction to science in an easy to understand format without it being over simplistic


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