Mini Professors WSM


Welcome to Mini Professors WSM @Home virtual science classes. Below is some important information about our classes, what to expect, how to book etc.…


What is Mini Professors @Home?

Mini Professors WSM @Home is amazing live streamed science classes in the comfort of your home! This innovative, interactive, and fun @Home science class for children ages 2-8 yrs., will open a whole new world of scientific adventure to your child/children. Every class has two hands on experiments, bespoke video, story, and we cover everything from polymers to dinosaurs, math’s to tropical rainforests, and much, much more!

What can I expect from Mini Professors @Home?

Each @Home class includes the same format as our venue classes. The class lasts approximately 40 minutes. We start with our song “Science is all around Us”! Then Professor Julie introduces the science topic of that week (Yes there is a different science topic each week!), then our first hands on experiment, bespoke video, story-telling, 2nd hands on experiment, recap of our science topic and always finish with our song “Science is all around us”.

How do I book and pay for @Home classes?

All bookings and payment are taken on or Hoop. You can book a single class £5 or a block of 6 consecutive classes £24 per household. If you have more than one child in the household, they are welcome to participate. I have Mini Professors 11 yrs. old enjoying Mini Professors @Home. We encourage the whole family to get involved. Gift vouchers are available from £20.

I cannot book online!

Please email Professor Julie on if you are unable to book online and Professor Julie is happy to manually book you and child/children.

What do I need?

I kindly ask you to sit at a table, coffee table, kitchen counter etc.…. just like school. Our weekly newsletter will have a few thing you will need to try and gather before the class. Why not get your Mini Professor to help you gather them? If you are not able to find them all please do not worry, we will be demonstrating on screen and you can try the experiment later.

When do I get the weekly Newsletter?

Professor Julie will post the weekly Newsletter on our private Facebook group (Mini Professors WSM @Home Spring Term 2020). When you first book @home class, you will also receive the weekly Newsletter with your zoom log in details.

When can I join Mini Professors @Home class?

You can join anytime if there are available places. Mini Professors @Home is aimed for children 2- 8 yrs. Children over 8 yrs. enjoy getting stuck in with the experiments. The whole family can have fun with science!

What live streaming platform does @Home use?

Zoom is very safe and reliable platform. One live class will be recorded for those paying clients who are unable to attend classes on a Monday. Please email Professor Julie on

When can I log onto @Home booked class on Zoom?

If you are not familiar with Zoom, please book on 10 minutes early to your schedule class. I kindly ask everyone to log on to zoom not more than 5 minutes early as Mini Professors get anxious to start class. Upon arriving always have your video on, you can turn your video off after arriving in the class. Please always have parent first name and Mini Professors name on your video. Example Julie and Professor Oliver. If you are unable Professor Julie will assist you. Everyone will be on mute upon arriving to @Home class. Professor Julie will un-mute everyone at the beginning and ending of our song, you will be muted during experiments, video, and story time. Feel free to use the chat on zoom.

How can my child communicate to Professor Julie during @Home class?

Professor Julie will ask all Mini Professors to use gestures like thumbs up or raise your hand. Sometimes Professor Julie will unmute a Mini Professor to answer a question or demonstrate etc... You can use zoom chat to ask Professor Julie questions. Professor Julie will answer question after class if there is time.

Can I arrive late to @Home class?

Yes. Please at a time convenient for yourself, write in chat a private message to Professor Julie that you are here so she can mark you off on register during video.

Can I leave @Home class early?

Yes of course you may leave early from our @Home class. May I kindly ask you to write a private message to Professor Julie that you are leaving. Please email Professor Julie if you would like the record live class.

What if I miss @Home class?

I hold classes Monday 10 am, 11:30 and 14:30. You can attend another class time same day or request the live recorded class. Email Professor Julie on for details.

Private Facebook group!

We have a private Facebook group especially for paying @Home clients. Please join it for weekly Newsletter, exclusive WOW videos, how to make homemade props and toys, socialize with other local parents and further learning @Home play ideas.


If you have any queries, please always use Facebook messenger is unreliable, and I may not see your email till days later. I look at my emailed between @home classes and every weekday in the morning.

Can older siblings join in and do I have to pay extra?

Older sibling may join too! You do not have to pay for each child living at home. Payment is per household

Can I invite family members to see my child/children Mini Professors @Home?

Especially in isolation, we encourage parents to invite their Grandparents or family members to see their child/children in @Home classes. As there are child protection laws, I will ask you to email me date your relative will be joining us. The relative must write on video their relationship and child’s first name example Grandma Professor Oliver. Video must be on at all time.

Best way to contact Professor Julie? or 07966 532987. My Admin day in on Wednesday morning. I teach Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to meeting you and your Mini Professors @Home

Professor Julie