Mini Professors WSM


Mini Professors @Home brings fun science classes in the comfort of your home.

Do you have a toddler, Preschooler, KS1 or home schooling, who just loves to ask questions about everything? Are you looking for a fun, unique and interesting way to support their language development, boost confidence and develop social skills? All whilst learning about Science together? At Mini Professors @Home, children learn through hands-on-experiments, be-spoke video and story- telling. Imagine making your own erupting volcano, digging for fossils or even making poo! 

Our live virtual classes cost £5 for 1 class or £24 for 6 classes per household. @Home classes can be viewed on any device and are a great way to learn about science all around us!

Please register your interest below for attending  Portishead Venue on Monday 16:00-16:45 2-8yrs starting in the Summer Holiday. This is not a booking. 

Saturday Science @Home- 2nd Saturday of the month! 11/07 Volcanoes and 08/08 Crystals £6 per household. Booking is essential 9am- 9:45 2-8 yrs

Summer Holiday terms starts on Monday 27th July- Wed 19th August 2020. Water 27 July, Crystals 3 August, Flowers 10 August, and Weird Science 17 August. Booking is £6 per household or all 4 Summer Holiday @Home classes £20. Monday 10 am-10:45 2-8 yrs.  Wednesday 10am-10:45 2-8yrs. Book all 4 classes, you will receive all essential equipment you need for the Summer Holiday experiments.

For each class you will get.......

 45 minutes of incredible online science fun!

 Full instructions on how to connect to online classes

Weekly Newsletter with class timetable, events, list of object need for class, special events and parties 

Mini Professors WSM @Home private facebook group with exclusive @Home experiments, play activities and videos, and share your photos or thoughts with local parents

Stay safe, stay family with love from Professor Julie x



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