Running a Mini Professors Franchise

Discover the Amazing World of Science



The 72 lesson plans range from, dinosaurs,
volcanoes, plants, space,
polymers and lots more.
All of the topics come with easy
to follow experiments, fun
videos and books to read
as well as a detailed introduction to
follow so no topic is too daunting
even for the those that are not
scientifically trained..


The children enjoy two interactive
experiments every week and topics
are based on the UK science
curriculum so present a balanced
view of all science.



Mini Professors runs a complete scientific education programme for 2 to 4 year old children and their parents or carers to enjoy every week. Each franchisee is provided with a territory, equipment, training and support, an operating manual and lesson plans to enable them to run sessions at suitable locations within their territory.


Each franchisee is allocated a dedicated territory within which they can develop their business. The territories are designed to sustain a viable Mini Professors franchise and are defined by post codes.


Mini Professors provides an initial set of equipment which includes everything required for running the programme. In addition the franchisee receives a full set of lesson plans to allow the excellent delivery of the lesson along with supporting materials such as photographs, diagrams, videos and relevant books.
The only things a franchisee may need are a few items that can be easily found in the house or garden. All other consumable items are either provided by Mini Professors or can easily be purchased from your local supermarket.


Franchisees are free to select suitable venues within their territory. Your regional franchisee will provide advice and guidance on the selection of premises during training.


Session plans are provided for 2 to 3 year old and 3 to 4 year old groups. Typically we expect each franchisee to run a minimum of 1 session for each age group at each venue.


The weekly charge for sessions is the main source of income. There are also opportunities to supplement this income by running parties. More detailed income and cost information can be provided by your regional franchisee upon request.