Make Coloured Bubbles

More bubble activities! Although bubbles are clear AND also rainbow coloured due to the diffraction of light when it hits the bubbles you can actually make your very own coloured bubble solution.

To create our very own Mini Professors bubble mixture you need

A jug of warm water
2 tablespoons of sugar
A quarter of a jug of washing up liquid. Yellow is the best for bubbles
Food colouring of your choice

Mix the water and sugar gently together until dissolved. Add the washing up liquid slowly and a little at a time, careful not to make bubbles in the solution. You can add your colouring here or you can split the mixture into a variety of containers to make different colours.

Why not create some art with your bubbles? Lay out a piece of paper outside, make sure to weight it down if it's a little windy. Blow or wave your bubble wand over the paper and see what patterns you can make.

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